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A list of items which are primarily used to inflict damage on and/or kill other players and animals. These include Swords, Firearms, Bows, Spears, Maces & Clubs, Cannons, Explosives, Staffs, Harpoons, and Traps.

Icon Item Ability Attack Damage Type Currently Craftable?
Atlantean Bow.png Atlantean Bow Piercing 45-55 Bow no
Atlantean Crossbow.png Atlantean Crossbow Piercing 58-67 Bow no
Atlantean Pistol.png Atlantean Pistol Piercing 40-60 Firearm no
Atlantean Sword.png Atlantean Sword Slashing 41-43 Melee no
Atlantean Trident.png Atlantean Trident Piercing 33-43 Melee no
Atlantean Wand.png Atlantean Wand Crushing 32-38 Melee no
Banana Pistol.png Banana Pistol Piercing 20-30 Firearm yes
Beastbane Spear.png Beastbane Spear Piercing 50-65 Melee no
Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Piercing 110-115 Firearm no
Bolt-Action Rifle.png Bolt-Action Rifle Piercing 205-215 Firearm no
Burning Torch.png Burning Torch Fire 22-25 Melee yes
Bush Knife.png Bush Knife Slashing 35-37 Melee no
Cactus Club.png Cactus Club Crushing 16-20 Melee yes
Candy Cane Club.png Candy Cane Club Crushing 10-14 Melee no
Coral Staff.png Coral Staff Piercing 17-22 Melee no
Coral Trident.png Coral Trident Piercing 13-21 Melee yes
Crab Pincer Mace.png Crab Pincer Mace Crushing 40-45 Melee yes
Crowbar.png Crowbar Crushing 27-33 Melee no
Crude Mace.png Crude Mace Crushing 48-56 Melee no
Crude Sword.png Crude Sword Slashing 42-45 Melee no
Crystal Staff.png Crystal Staff Piercing 15-20 Melee no
Double-Barreled Blunderbuss.png Double-Barreled Blunderbuss Piercing 110-115 Firearm no
Double-Barreled Revolver.png Double-Barreled Revolver Piercing 80-105 Firearm no
Double-Barreled Shotgun.png Double-Barreled Shotgun Piercing 160-190 Firearm no
Egyptian Dagger.png Egyptian Dagger Slashing 34-36 Melee no
Egyptian Sickle Sword.png Egyptian Sickle Sword Slashing 39-41 Melee no
Elven Bow.png Elven Bow Piercing 95-110 Bow no
Elven Spear.png Elven Spear Piercing 60-70 Melee no
Elven Sword.png Elven Sword Slashing 70-74 Melee no
Explorer's Sword.png Explorer's Sword Slashing 41-49 Melee no
Feathered Bow.png Feathered Bow Piercing 62-70 Bow no
Feathered Crossbow.png Feathered Crossbow Piercing 80-85 Bow no
Feathered Rifle.png Feathered Rifle Piercing 97-110 Firearm no
Flintlock Musket.png Flintlock Musket Piercing 90-110 Firearm yes
Flintlock Pistol.png Flintlock Pistol Piercing 75-95 Firearm yes
Flintlock Rifle.png Flintlock Rifle Piercing 95-105 Firearm no
Frost Knife.png Frost Knife Cold 20-22 Melee no
Frost Spear.png Frost Spear Cold 27-31 Melee no
Frost Sword.png Frost Sword Cold 40-45 Melee no
Gold Staff.png Gold Staff Piercing 25-30 Melee no
Hunting Bow.png Hunting Bow Piercing 70-79 Bow no
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe Slashing 44-50 Melee yes
Straight Bow.png Iron Bow Piercing 65-75 Bow yes
Iron Crossbow.png Iron Crossbow Piercing 83-88 Bow yes
Iron Crossbow Pistol.png Iron Crossbow Pistol Piercing 60-70 Bow yes
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer Crushing 35-45 Melee yes
Iron Harpoon.png Iron Harpoon Piercing 34-48 Melee no
Iron Hatchet.png Iron Hatchet Slashing 50-56 Melee no
Iron Knife.png Iron Knife Slashing 27-29 Melee yes
Iron Lance.png Iron Lance Piercing 45-55 Melee no
Iron Mace.png Iron Mace Crushing 58-62 Melee yes
Iron Machete.png Iron Machete Slashing 38-42 Melee no
Iron Pipe.png Iron Pipe Crushing 27-33 Melee no
Iron Pitchfork.png Iron Pitchfork Piercing 30-40 Melee no
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear Piercing 33-47 Melee yes
Iron Staff.png Iron Staff Piercing 25-30 Melee no
Iron Sword.png Iron Sword Slashing 46-48 Melee yes
Iron War Pick.png Iron War Pick Piercing 39-41 Melee yes
Katana.png Katana Slashing 40-54 Melee no
Knight's Club.png Knight's Club Crushing 64-68 Melee no
Macuahuitl Sword.png Macuahuitl Sword Slashing 28-35 Melee no
Mythical Saber.png Mythical Saber Slashing 105-120 Melee no
Mythical Sword.png Mythical Sword Slashing 90-93 Melee no
Nahuali Staff.png Nahuali Staff Piercing 18-25 Melee no
Nobleman's Sword.png Nobleman's Sword Slashing 48-52 Melee no
Pharaoh Scepter.png Pharaoh Scepter Crushing 32-38 Melee no
Practice Sword.png Practice Sword Slashing 13-15 Melee no
Pump-action Corngun.png Pump-Action Corngun Piercing 20-30 Firearm yes
Pump-Action Shotgun.png Pump-Action Shotgun Piercing 170-190 Firearm no
Repeating Rifle.png Repeating Rifle Piercing 150-170 Firearm no
Revolver Rifle.png Revolver Rifle Piercing 150-170 Firearm no
Revolver.png Revolver Piercing 95-105 Firearm no
Saber.png Saber Slashing 54-56 Melee no
Santa's Spear.png Santa's Spear Cold 39-44 Melee no
Sawed-Off Shotgun.png Sawed-Off Shotgun Piercing 150-180 Firearm no
Sawfish Saber.png Sawfish Saber Slashing 16-20 Melee no
Shaman Staff.png Shaman Staff Piercing 15-20 Melee no
Snubnosed Revolver.png Snubnosed Revolver Piercing 85-95 Firearm no
Steel Harpoon.png Steel Harpoon Piercing 38-51 Melee no
Steel Machinegun.png Steel Machinegun Piercing 25-45 Firearm no
Steel Spear.png Steel Spear Piercing 37-50 Melee no
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword Slashing 50-54 Melee no
Stick Bow.png Stick Bow Piercing 25-31 Bow yes
Stone Axe.png Stone Axe Slashing 27-33 Melee yes
Stone Hammer.png Stone Hammer Crushing 25-35 Melee yes
Stone Harpoon.png Stone Harpoon Piercing 20-32 Melee no
Stone Knife.png Stone Knife Slashing 13-15 Melee yes
Stone Mace.png Stone Mace Crushing 37-43 Melee yes
Stone Spear.png Stone Spear Piercing 19-31 Melee yes
Stone War Pick.png Stone War Pick Piercing 29-31 Melee yes
Superior Flintlock Pistol.png Superior Flintlock Pistol Piercing 50-56 Firearm no
Tepoztopilli Spear.png Tepoztopilli Spear Piercing 25-35 Melee no
Tetlacotl Mace.png Tetlacotl Mace Crushing 40-45 Melee no
Tomahawk.png Tomahawk Slashing 37-43 Melee no
Umbrella.png Umbrella Crushing 10-14 Melee no
Walking Stick.png Walking Stick Crushing 10-14 Melee no
War Axe.png War Axe Slashing 61-69 Melee no
War Hammer.png War Hammer Crushing 63-67 Melee no
Reflex Bow.png Wooden Bow Piercing 40-50 Bow yes
Wooden Club.png Wooden Club Crushing 14-18 Melee yes
Wooden Crossbow.png Wooden Crossbow Piercing 53-59 Bow yes
Wooden Crossbow Pistol.png Wooden Crossbow Pistol Piercing 45-47 Bow yes
Wooden Harpoon.png Wooden Harpoon Piercing 11-19 Melee no
Wooden Lance.png Wooden Lance Piercing 15-25 Melee no
Wooden Pitchfork.png Wooden Pitchfork Piercing 11-19 Melee no
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear Piercing 10-18 Melee yes
Woodsman's Axe.png Woodsman's Axe Slashing 57-61 Melee no
X Crossbow Pistol.png X Crossbow Pistol Piercing 74-78 Bow no
X Crossbow.png X Crossbow Piercing 88-94 Bow no
Zirconium Axe.png Zirconium Axe Slashing 75-79 Melee yes
Zirconium Hammer.png Zirconium Hammer Crushing 72-82 Melee yes
Zirconium Revolver.png Zirconium Revolver Piercing 80-90 Firearm yes
Zirconium Rifle.png Zirconium Rifle Piercing 105-125 Firearm yes
Zirconium Spear.png Zirconium Spear Piercing 52-68 Melee yes
Zirconium Sword.png Zirconium Sword Slashing 63-67 Melee yes


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