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About Ylands

Playing Ylands (as in "Your lands") feels like having a grand ol’ time on a badass sandbox full of exciting, colorful toys that just scream for you to pick them up and make something awesome.


0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019) - - 2019/04/15 14:44

CHANGELOG Smooth Sailing - 15/04/2019 HIGHLIGHTS Please note that old pre-visual scripting game scripts will no longer work after installing this update. Also, some of the o...

0.11: Peak Performance (19/11/2018) - - 2018/11/19 20:55

CHANGELOG Peak Performance - 19/11/2018   HIGHLIGHTS Optimizations - The game should now run faster and smoother than ever. The performance gain will be more ob...

0.10: Clever Coding (27/08/2018) - - 2018/08/27 08:45

CHANGELOG Clever Coding - 27/08/2018 HIGHLIGHTS   Visual scripting: The scripting has been taken to a completely new level. It looks great, and while easy to understa...

0.9: Comfortable Cooperation (08/06/2018) - - 2018/06/08 11:59

CHANGELOG Comfortable Cooperation - 08/06/2018 HIGHLIGHTS Sharegames. When playing a Multiplayer game which is not hosted on a Dedicated Server, the usual problem is that...

0.8: Meaningful Music (28/03/2018) - - 2018/03/28 14:54

CHANGELOG Meaningful Music - 28/03/2018 NOTE: Due to the map system being reworked, all existing map items will be cleared (the world will become "unexplored") after opening yo...

0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018) - - 2018/02/14 15:21

CHANGELOG Cheerful Characters - 14/02/2018 HIGHLIGHTS You can now trade with NPCs and other players in MP (if trade is not a primary interaction, you can find it in the Ra...

0.6: Countless Colors (16/11/2017) - - 2017/11/16 13:24

CHANGELOG Countless Colors - 16/11/2017 Please note that this update contains very extensive internal changes to many of the game’s systems - both because of the existing or newly...

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