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About Ylands

Playing Ylands (as in "Your lands") feels like having a grand ol’ time on a badass sandbox full of exciting, colorful toys that just scream for you to pick them up and make something awesome.


1.4.1: Goodie Pack #2 - - 2020/10/06 11:21

We continue with another themed package of assets after Atlantis, this time expanding the Egyptian theme. New enemies and mummy wraps set enable you to experience some serious tomb raiding, bronze arm...

1.4: Creators Club Changelog - - 2020/09/10 14:15

Read the Update Dev Diary here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/28312-update-14-creators-club/     Feature Highlights Editor improvements Custom controls can now be shared in c...

1.3.5: Goodie Pack #1 - - 2020/07/08 13:15

New Assets Smile sticker Angry smile sticker Crazy smile sticker Moustache sticker Star glasses  Crazy glasses  Alien glasses Pineapple grenade Banana pistol Pu...

1.3: Watery Water - - 2020/06/16 11:10

Feature Highlights Editor Improvements NPC Templates Custom Skills Visual Scripting Graphical Overhaul Game Storage Improvements Screen shake option in Visual Scriptin...

1.2.2: Easter Fun! - - 2020/04/09 16:03

New Assets Easter eggs decorations Chocolate eggs Hornazo Chocolate rabbit Easter bread Sweet roulade Easter lamb cake Easter car composition Easter rabbit costume   Fixes [YLD...

1.2: Astonishing Adventures - - 2020/03/24 11:01

FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS   Editor improvements New editor UI 3D selection tool - possibility to select objects via a 3D box Random rotation while placing - allows pla...

1.1.1: Heartfelt Fixes - - 2020/02/14 09:29

1.1.1 Heartfelt Fixes 💝 - 14.02 FIXES [YLD-21167] Fixed: Ships colliders were not combined properly causing performance issues near shore [YLD-21540] Fixed: Blueprints: cannot create blueprin...

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